We really hope you enjoyed our presentation and website. We greatly appreciate everyone's feedback :)
Gabby Pollack
5/25/2011 11:35:28 am

YOUR EXPERIMENTAL WAS AMAZING, not that I expected anything less. But, your presentation was so enganging with amazing slide transitions, interesting information, awesome decorations, and interesting food. I loved that you based your experimental on three central questions, these are ones that seem almost immpossible to answer, yet the connections you two made to both showed how much you researched on your topics. I loved each of your interviews from Mr. Meyers to the Argentinian guitar player, each were interesting and informative. The Big Bang Theory is the reason we are all here on this earth and how we started, however you two explained to us that there is so much more to the beginning then just this theory. I loved the intro video and my favorite video that you included was the one on the technology slide, tracing back the cell phones origins to the beginning. You both spoke with such ease and pose and were obviously well rehearsed in your topic and the information you had researched. Daniela, I have the pleasure of knowing your family personally, and I know how close you are to them. The way you connected the distance between your origins to the feelings of closeness with a friend from home was a new connection to origins and was fasinating as well as touching. Your large Argentinian family will always be a part of your life and they are your origins, and as you said your home. I loved the pictures you put up while speaking your personal, they were adorable and showed a great connection to your topic. Also I don't know if this was intential but they did show you at different points in your life, demonstrating that your origins with your family have evolved into so much more. Chelsea, you brought me to tears with your powerful speech about how someone else who came from a different background has influenced you so much. Your babysitter, someone who has been so much a part of your childhood was really "your origin". I loved how you connected her to being someone who made a life for herself when she originated with really nothing. You spoke with such power and emotion the entire audiance felt how much Gweda means to you. <3 Another thing that was great about your presentation were the decorations. The map was unbeliavable and such a cool creative idea. The origins of 10p was so cool as well as the boxes hanging on the ceiling and the hello's in all different langauges. This was an all around flawless presentation which kept me intriged the entire time! You guys were steller and I want to commend you for doing and awesome job!

Jamie Brensilber
5/25/2011 11:36:08 am

You two did a great job! Your experimental was well planned and organzied. I loved your room decorations. The boxes hung from the ceiling looked really good. I liekd how they showed the evolution of technology in four steps. That must have taken a lot of time to put together all of those boxes. You had a lot of posters around the room. I liked the map where we put a pushpin in the country from which we originated. There seemed to be a lot of pushpins in Europe! The flags that were under our chairs were also interesting and a nice, interactive addition to your presentation. You had a lot of good music, film, art, and book connections, and they fit in well with your presentation. I liked all of the interviews you did asking where people originated. When Maria and I were in Canada this past weekend, we thought it was interesting how we identified ourselves as Americans. Maria noted that when people asked where we came from, we always said "America" or "Long Island". The funny thing was that when we are here in the United States, we might identify ourselves differently. Maria might say "Italy", or I might say "Poland, Austria, or Russia". Circumstances and someone's current location influences origins. You had good research on immigration and the origins of math, music, and history. Your website clearly explained all of this as did your presentation. Your website is really indepth. Both your website and your presentation were easy to follow. Your personals were also really good. Daniela, your question of what makes a family was very interesting. It was sweet how you had pictures of your cousins and mentioned how they were closer to you than your friends at home. Chelsea, your personal was also very sweet. It was a good connection that you made, and the montage of pictures with your babysitter was very nice. It was timed well with what you said, as was the rest of your presentation. The video that you two had of the evolution of technology was interesting, and the voice behind the video added to it. It is evident that you two worked very hard, and it all paid off!

Laura Siegel
5/25/2011 11:36:36 am

Amazing job guys! The presentation was beyond perfect! I could not say enough how interesting and clever that board was where people placed push pins where they are from. It really did show that although we live here- we aren’t all from here. You were well paced, and you had perfect timing when it came to explaining each subject. You both spoke so well and confidently and you both really knew what you were talking and explaining. Daniela, your personal was amazing. It really made me think of how family doesn’t necessarily mean all in one space. It’s people that are there for you no matter the distance. Chelsea- I can’t say enough how touching your personal was. It brought me to tears just listening to the love you have for Gwenda. I really was able to see how much she has touched you and affected your life. Everyone is in our live for a purpose and you have really shown us just that. The boxes hanging from the ceiling showing the different phases and generations of each object such as shoes and different sorts of technology was fantastic! I also loved the board of all the 10p students and their “origins” shown in the baby pictures and the grad pictures from way back when. The board also representing your phases was incredible! We were really able to realize that at one point we were these small unknowing creatures and that is our origin. I think many people forget this fact and tend to lack the understating of children, forgetting that once they were just that as well. Amazing presentation guys! I can tell you that this experimental will be the one that everyone talks about in the future and that future 10p students will look up to and go to for advice. Congratulations! You did so well! And we call tell you guys worked really hard and we all know how stressful it was but in the end it all paid off because you left the crowd so happy and amazed!

Yuval Hananya
5/25/2011 11:37:20 am

Chelsea and Daniela, I dont know where to begin (origins pun?), I just woke up from a dream where ALL i dreamt about was origins, but I'm not surprised because it was AMAZING. You both spoke softly, slowly, and clearly, allowing everyone in the audience to understand your ever interesting word. Your slides were wonderfully done, and clear to the eyes, making the experience a great one. The research you conducted and the questions you asked connected to the audience because they were questions that I would have asked too if I was in your position. Your music really added to each of your slides. The movies you had really depicted origin and and where are we going and made it all the better. Your Personals. Daniela- Your personal related perfectly for your experimental. Being someone of an interesting cultural descent, you showed us how your past affects who you are today. You spoke slowly, and explained yourself very well. You really did amazing. Chelsea - How you showed everyone how your relationship with Gwenda has shaped who you are today was beautiful. Your slideshow, and what you wrote about it were both very beautiful and inspiring and brought tears to my eyes. I really liked your connection and can say no more but the fact that it was PERFECT. As for your room decorations - they were remarkable. Pins - Such a cool way to get the audience involved, and really was cool how it showed us all how VERY few people ACTUALLY originated from the America's. Food -FOOOOOOD! Another great way to tie into your topic with culturally traditional food. Boxes from the ceiling - Why Didn't I think Of that? That was actually SO cool, and yet again got the audience involved and looking around. Origins of 10P - I know how long it took you and i thought that was one of the coolest things you could have done. SUch a great tie in and was so cool for all of us 10p kids. The Artwork - So cool and very clear, I could see from so far away every piece of artwork. The Pictures of You and Daniela - So cute and obviously tied in to your origins perfectly. Overall you guys did a wonderful job, made it fun and interactive, and you have definitely succeeded in having an AMAZING experimental, one I could dream about...

Sukhveen Soni
5/25/2011 11:37:51 am

Hey guys, congrats on being DONE with the experimental finally!! I know I have been quite anxious for this whole thing to be over likewise I am sure you both have as well. As I entered the room, I was struck by how creative it was to have every person pin their origins. I would never have thought of that. It was a great way to get some audience involvement. I really liked the first video you put in as well. It was a very interesting video that kept us tuned in from the beginning. Chelsea, you're personal definitely touched my heart. I could feel my eyes tearing up from how deep this connection was. I know your babysitter was much more than just that. The role she played in your upraising is quite evident as you have turned out to be such a kind person! Daniela, being a 1st generation Indian American as you are an Argentinian American, I feel that I could relate to your personal as well. The audience was able to clearly understand your topic through your advanced knowledge in this topic. I liked how you divided your presentation into three sub questions. It worked really well! Another one of my favorite parts to this presentation was the interview you guys had with the Argentinian man about Tango. You guys are so lucky to have that opportunity to meet him and include this into your presentation. Your presentation was stunning! Oh, and almost forgot to mention the food was absolutely DELICIOUS! Upon leaving the room and tasting the empanadas, I was wanting to go back for more!!

5/25/2011 12:53:20 pm

Congratulations on an unbelievable experimental. The question of where do we come from is one of the most intriguing questions known to man. The section about the big bang and evolution traced human existence back to its roots, showing the audience that we all have a common heritage. The map on which we pinned our ancestors' homeplaces added a nice touch to the presentation, and also demonstrated that although we are all Americans, we were not always here. It is amazing to imagine the course of events that had to occur for all of us to go to the same school. What are the chances that descendants of Indians, Russians, Chinese, and French (just to name a few) now live together in harmony in the United States? Daniela, your personal showed how important it is to keep in contact with your relatives, while at the same time paying homage to your origin. As a first generation American in your family, it is understandable that you keep such close ties with your Argentinian background. Although you would have to go back to my great grandparents to find a first generation American, I always be proud of my Eastern European background. I have such a great deal of respect for my ancestors who made the rough journey to the United States. Recently, I went with my mom to Ellis Island to find the records of her great grandmother. In doing this, I learned exactly where my family comes from. This helped me gain a greater appreciation of where my family came from. Chelsea, your personal was truly heart warming. It make us value the relationships in our lives because for two people to cross paths, so many things have to fall into place. It also made us ask ourselves who in our lives determine who we are. This related to my topic, identity, so it was easy for me to ponder. These people in our lives shape us, and become our origins because we borrow pieces of their personalities. The cubes hanging from the ceiling were great decoration pieces, showing the evolution of different technology. It was an entertaining, creative, thought-provoking presentation that left the audience in awe. Everything ran so smoothly and everything about the experimental was perfect. Once again, congrats!

Ahmad Khanzada
5/25/2011 03:56:03 pm

yeah, great experimental guys...

Ahmad Khanzada
5/25/2011 03:56:45 pm

below is my real response:

-From the beginning of your presentation until the very end, I was mesmerized and put into some trance which prevented my attention from leaving the screen. I do not even know where to begin as I respond to your mind blasting and breathtaking experimental. You two worked so hard. I had seen both of you after school working tirelessly with sweat and tears in hope that you would have a good experimental. Well your experimental was without a doubt out of the league of good. It was marvelous, flawless, and exceptional. Origins is a topic that I personally considered to be a bit cliché when I first heard of it. Still you two chose it so I knew their must be something to it. I wondered where you were going with this because this topic has already been done one or two times before and is rather broad. I wondered what you two geniuses and creative girls would come up with to make your experimental individual and unique when compared to the older origin experimentals. Well, your lines of inquiry were professional and these great lines of inquiry were one main cause for your great deal of success. You guys researched around your three lines of inquiry which is so crucial. Staying with your lines of inquiry and researching things that revolve around them is what I personally believe an experimental is all about. Because you two stuck to your lines of inquiry, your experimental came out to be so organized and professional. Both of you have been working on this presentation section in particular with such a high amount of dedication and commitment that you two should be more than pleased with what your product came out to be. I am still in shock to how superb your experimental was.
-The decorations in your room went above and beyond the requirements. The world map which the audience all thumb-tacked on their way in was such a creative idea. Brilliant idea to whoever came up with this wonderful prop. I loved the pictures you had up of both 10p classes. How were you guys able to get pictures of everyone? Did the yearbook club give them to you that easily, because I never gave consent for my pictures to be released (just kidding). I enjoyed staring at the art board you guys put together. The captions you guys wrote above and below the pieces of art were helpful. So this was also a nice element to your spectacular experimental. The boxes of technological changes through the ages hanging from the ceiling were also cool. Can you tell me who was coming up with all of these inimitable and original ideas because two thumbs up for whomever that was, your mind thinks like nobody else. The food offered at the end was also out of the world. Whoever made these foods, please give me the recipe because I am craving more. The food was so good and special, the way you presented it as a cultural aspect of origins. The piece above the table about hello in different languages really stressed and emphasized the point you guys were making. So if I had to grade you on scale of one to ten on decorations, food, and props, I would yell at the creator of the scale because no number can be high enough to emphasize how much I liked this section of your experimental. Decorations, foods, and props were just beyond the expectations. Just phenomenal job with this aspect of your experimental Daniela and Chelsea.
-The section about the origins of Wheatley was particularly appealing. Wheatley is an old school and the origins of it are something that I believe most students are unaware of. You two went above and beyond in your research and this aspect of your factual information is a clear sign of the effort you two put into your experimental. The way you two described the origins of the architecture of Wheatley also interested me because I do enjoy looking at architecture and to see what the original make up of our school was and how it changed from the mid twentieth century to now is astonishing. The origins of Wheatley was another admirable element to your magnificent experimental.
-The level of humorous comments throughout your presentation was perfect. Their were not too many to get the audience bored of the jokes near the end, but not too little to keep the audience anticipating and desiring for more to come The perfect amount of jokes were said and each one of these jokes were so funny. I personally knew about the Raison d’etre joke prior to presentation so I kind of knew when it was coming. This was your first joke so I could see Daniela looking at the audience just before Chelsea said the joke hoping that we would find it comical. Daniela you had no reason to worry because not only did your first joke make the large audience laugh, but all your jokes did throughout the presentation. The addition of humor in your experimental was smart thinking.
-Both of your personals related to origins nicely. Daniela I loved the way your personal went above and beyond just speaking about your family’s unique or

Ahmad Khanzada
5/25/2011 03:57:38 pm


Daniela I loved the way your personal went above and beyond just speaking about your family’s unique origins, but you also went into the origins of what family means and its impact on you. Going this extra mile shows the dedication in a student and all of your 10p colleagues were highly impressed by this. Chelsea, your personal was emotionally filled and I loved where you chose to place it in your presentation. Where are we going and how our origins help us find out where we will go? Your personal helped transition into this line of inquiry. Sometimes sharing personal information, memories, and photographed events is not easy because of the feeling that your special information is being given away. By sharing with us your story of how one individual who was their since the beginning can cause such a large impact was influential. I loved the montage and let me just mention how similar you and your younger sister look. As for personals, just amazing; you both emotionally proved to me how origins personally relate to you.
-Factually your experimental was also excellent. I learned so much new information. From the art piece by Michelangelo titled the Creation of Adam to 21st Century Girl, your humanities and multi media clips were captivating. Your factual information displayed throughout the presentation came from many disciples and was presented in such a way that I can guarantee every audience member walked out more knowledgeable. The interview I found most interesting was the one with Miguel Cordoba because not only was it especially unique, but it also proved to the audience that origins are everywhere. Adding in the film The Invention of Lying was a good idea, and I could tell the audience loved watching this clip. The distinctive clips that you two chose were so entertaining. Great decision making on which clips to choose.
-Can I just mention that out of every experimental I have ever seen, I can honestly say with one hundred percent sincerity that your transitions (not technologically but slide and discipline wise) were the best. All the slides and topics flowed into each other and your lines of inquiry were like a skeleton keeping everything in place and sturdy. I am crazy about how you transitioned from one topic to another. Excellent job putting together and organizing your presentation. Your technological slide transitions were also very cool.
-Doing an experimental in general is rather challenging because there are countless possible roads one can choose to attack such a broad word. Technically everything has an origin so the level of research that was needed to be done was extensive. You two made three brilliant lines of inquiry and professionally created an experimental which was worth skipping math for. You blew my mind with the technology, media, decorations, information, your public speaking abilities, and just about everything else. The level of effort put in by you two was clear and I can not emphasize in words how stunning I found your experimental to be. Just a phenomenal job. Congratulations on completing the experimental assignment with such a high degree of success.

Ally Perry
5/26/2011 07:17:08 am

Daniela and Chelsea:
I can't stop thinking about every single aspect of your experimental!! From the very second I walked into 450, I knew with certainty that your experimental would be phenomenal, and it was! The clever and creative idea of having everyone pin down their origins--I also LOVED that this concept was then tied in later in your presentation. Another immediate reaction I had was to the 10P Origins board--I thought that this idea was unique, personable, and made us all feel like we were really part of your presentation.
The video that opened your presentation was actually one of my favorite parts of everything!! I loved that it all related back to origins, applied to us all, and fed us a tremendous amount of new factual information! The fast, upbeat style of this video got us all anticipated and excited for what was yet to come!
Then, I was really impressed with the fact that you two came up with your own definition of "origins"--it made your topic much more understandable and clear to the audience. The three questions of inquiry that held together your whole presentation was a very smart way to organize your experimental!! The questions, in themselves, were so intriguing, and I of course loved the shout out to Raison d'Etre! Your artwork board was a very unique way to display the interesting artwork you had chosen!! I loved that you made your artwork display into a timeline--this really displayed a sense of origins and "where are we going?" by showing us the origins of artwork from so many eras ago, up until modern artwork showed the transitions and helped represent the "where are we going?" aspect of your project!
The Tango artist that you met with and interviewed in Argentina was a brilliant incorporation! I LOVED the fact that you two took a trip to Argentina to incorporate such a unique and special part of your presentation. I also really enjoyed listening to your interview with the chemical engineer--this was an aspect of science/technology that I would never have considered when hearing the word "origins."
Although I am not the biggest movie fan, one of my favorite parts of your experimental (along with 50000 other things) was your film clip of "The Invention of Lying." I loved that this movie displayed an aspect of the origins of lying! One specific detail that really stood out to me was your oral transitions--especially between the math slide! I felt that your flow was very consistent--no topic was discussed for too short or too long--and the way you transitioned from one topic to another was very impressive and definitely enhanced your presentation!
My absolute FAVORITE part of your presentation was the one of the beginning videos that you had in your presentation. I love that you showed each person around the school stating their names and where their family is originally from, and then you concluded the video--which was very technologically advanced--with everyone together saying "but I am also American." I felt that this was a very sophisticated idea for the into to your experimental, and I know that this video really caught the eyes and ears of everyone in the audience!
I could literally go on forever about each and every part of your experimental that I loved. Your personals were both so fitting, moving, and applicable to your topic, you both spoke so well with such confidence and such poise, and I truly learned so much from your project!! Congratulations on a very successful experimental!!!!!

Mitchell Han
5/26/2011 07:31:04 am

Great job on your experimental guys! Having people put thumbnails on the map to mark their origins was so creative. This further proved your point on how most Americans came from all over the world. The opening clip was a very captivating montage, stating insane facts that I would never guess were possible. The interesting facts taped onto the American flags were also quite fascinating. Your entire experimental was filled with amazing, innovative ideas. At first I did not notice them, but when i looked up, I saw the picture boxes of numerous inventions hanging from the ceiling. It's really amazing how much technology has advanced throughout history, especially when you guys showed the Nokia cellphone as it constantly changed. From the beginning, you guys organized the presentation extremely well, dividing the lines of inquiry into three distinct portions. There was definitely a lot of research that went into this experimental. How in the world did you manage to dig up the original blueprints and designs of Wheatley from 1958? Daniela and Chelsea, both your personals were extremely touching and motivating. Daniela, I learned that although everyone comes from different backgrounds around the world, we are all still similar in that we share the same common ancestors. Chelsea, I may not have had the same connection with my babysitter as you had with your babysitter, but I know how important these special people are in our lives. Overall, Origins was a stupendous experimental, and the different cultural food was definitely a treat as well.

Morgan Littman
5/26/2011 07:44:45 am

YOUR EXPERIMENTAL WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH AND THERE WAS NOT ONE PART OF IT THAT DIDN'T HAVE ME ON THE EDGE OF MY CHAIR! Now I'm going to attempt to comment on everything about it that I LOVED. Firstly, your technology was amazing! Every transition was perfect and all the effects were very interesting. The way the information came onto the screen before every interview came on was particularly helpful and it showed how much time you spent on it. The food was also perfectly fitted as I really could tell right away how important culture is to both of you, regardless of how well I know you out of class. The decorations were very thematic and appealing. Not only was it funny to see the origins of our 10P class on your poster but it was very creative. The tango dancer was so great and when you originally explained it to me there was no way I expected it to be as relevant but it fit perfectly! Only you two would find a tango dancer in the street and relate it to your experimental! Both of you had great speaking voices and your personals were clearly something that was sentimental to both of you. I'll start with Dani since you went first. Your personal seriously got me thinking about my own life which is something you may not have directly tried to achieve. Throughout my life my interpretion of the word "family" was skewed. My parents are divorced so my family is bigger, but does that mean that these people are no longer my family? Why are my best friends not my family when they might know more about me than my aunts and uncles? And Chelsa, you were not the only one in tears and regardless of whether or not Gwenda was in the room I know that you two will remain in the family type relationship that you've had forever. Being open with a room like that is very difficult so I give you great credit and it's so nice that someone in your life meant so much to you! You guys were amazing and I could go on and on but you should be very proud of your work! <3

Morgan Littman
5/26/2011 08:09:33 am

Also, I forgot to mention that you both presented very well and had great speaking voices! Dani, I have to say in all the years I've known you, I've never heard you speak quite like that whereas I've seen Chelsea in shows and etc. You have an amazing speaking voice! Who knew? I loved your references to shows and the video in the beginning! And of course the shout out to Mali and Ally was funny. Chelsea, your ability to stay calm when the screen went off for .2 seconds while Dani was speaking was also very demonstrative of your personality! Calm, cool and collected!

Chelsea Pincus
5/28/2011 08:35:32 am

Chelsea and Daniela-
AMAZING JOB GUYS! You really exceeded my expectations!!! I was blown away by the fantastic presentation you put on for your audience! Firstly, your decorations were great! I loved how you hung decorations from the ceiling, and I loved what you chose to hang up! It was so cool that each side of the boxes hung on the ceiling had cell phones, fashion styles, etc. from different decades. This was so creative and interesting! I loved that you immediately got your audience engaged by asking them to participate in an activity even before you commenced your presentation! The activity was a fantastic one as well! It was so cool to see everyone in the audience’s origins and you guys really got your point across. It’s so fascinating, yet true that so many people who live in America don’t have origins that match where they currently live. This definitely says a lot about the America we are living in today! One thing that stood out in your experimental from the others is that your questions were very concrete. You had three very specific questions, all of which were answered throughout your presentation. I liked how you formatted your presentation around those three questions. Although the audience was left to think about a lot for themselves, they weren’t left to answer for themselves the three questions you began your presentation with. I loved the second way you got your audience involved as well. When I saw American flags under every chair, I figured you were just handing out to us plain American flags. Who would’ve known that each flag would have a fun fact about places all over the world!? This was so interesting and allowed your audience to learn facts that you didn’t have to say out loud for them to learn. This was the same thing as your introduction video, which I thought was so fascinating and intriguing. I also quite surprised to see every 10P student’s face as part of your decorations! However, it was very creative to have the origins of the 10P students! I liked the way your topic was intertwined with others. Although I know you were having difficulties relating it to many disciplinary areas, you both did a great job! The information you included in your presentation was great and definitely kept your audience wide awake! You both spoke so beautifully and I liked how you positioned yourselves both in the middle of the “stage.” This was something different, but definitely looked even and made it easy to focus on both of you. Your personals were both absolutely fantastic. Daniela, I’ve always been so jealous of your fun and interesting family backgrounds! It’s so amazing that you have so much family in Argentina, and you still remain so close with them! This is definitely something that everyone wishes for—a close family. I thought it was so great how you redefined family. Your definition was amazing; I totally agree with it! So many times today people look at family simply as people that are blood related to you, but it is really SO much more than that! You proved this to your audience so well! You spoke beautifully and elaborated so well on your personal topic. Chelsea, when I had first found out origins was your topic, I knew Daniela would have an easy, definite choice for her personal. I wasn’t so sure as to what you would choose, but speaking about your babysitter from very different origins as you was so interesting and touching. Immediately, you allowed your audience to know that you were speaking about someone who was very close to you. I loved how you spoke to your babysitter, instead of about her. This made it even more touching and meaningful. I know it definitely wasn’t hard to stand up there and talk to her, but you did it so well! It really is amazing how people from such different places and of such different times end up building these wonderful, strong relationships. The slideshow you put together demonstrated this relationship. You both did a fantastic job on your experimental and should be very proud of yourselves!

Rebecca M.
5/28/2011 10:29:01 pm

Chelsea and Daniela-

Saying your experimental was amazing would be an understatement because it was so much more! You guys had so many fabulous ideas, which made your experimental unique and interesting. I liked how when we walked in, we place a tack on the map in order to represent where our origins started. It think it made your experimental more interactive and relatable. I also thought it was smart to start your presentation with braking your topic down into three questions that many of us often ask. This made your presentation organized and more structured. I also that that starting with the big bang was a great idea, as the big band caused the creation of a world, it also stated of your presentation. All of the disciplines that you both did had a strong connection with your topic. As for your personals…
Chelsea- your personal was very special and different. I know that it was hard to speak about your strong bond and relationship with your babysitter, but it was clearly a special one. I was happy to have been able to hear it! You brought the idea origins to a whole new level as you showed that it is what we do and who we make apart of us that make us who we are. Your personal was sentimental and portrayed that it dose not matter if our origins are different, you can still make close bonds with those who from different places.
Daniela- your personal was also amazing! I think that it is so nice to have family so far and still be extremely close. I liked the point that you brought up the issue of distance and how it is very prevalent in your family, being that they live in Argentina. I think you really showed the strong bonds that our origins can have on us and although we may be thousands of miles away from our family, we are still so close with them.
From your presentation, to your personals you guys did a great job! I liked how you had foods from different cultures and the different boxes hanging from the ceiling. I though that brining the whole idea of technology into your presentation was brilliant! I did not even think of that connection. From the presentation, your personas and the decorations, it all made your presentation stand out. Both of you really pulled of a fabulous and enjoyable experimental.

Jonathan F.
5/29/2011 03:56:06 am

Chelsea and Daniela-

Great Job on your experimental. One of the many aspects I liked about your presentation was the fact that it was structured based upon each of your 3 main questions, and concluded with the answer to that question along with music in the background. You nationality/flag tie-in was unique and I learned something new about Europe. Daniela, your personal about your origins and your new definition of family was amazing. Chelsea, your personal was sentimental and showed a different side to your topic. Your room decorations and food were excellent. "Our 10P origins" was an idea that made it even better. It is amazing how much people have changed over the course of 5 school years. Overall, this was a great and enjoyable experimental. I am so glad I was able to go.

Mali Zaken
5/30/2011 04:37:37 am

DANIELA AND CHELSEA YOU GUYS SHOULD BE SO PROUD! I am still in awe at how amazing your experimental was. The second I walked into the room I was amazed at your creativity. My absolute favorite part was your decorations. The map and push pin idea was so unique and cute. It was a great way for the audience to get involved and engaged in your presentation. At one point, there was a huge crowd of people around the map! Besides the amazing table of food, your "10p origins board" was almost as great as the map! Our whole class crowded around the board and felt so included, like we were all a family. The whole time I was in your experimental, it was a very warm and happy environment. Your starting clip was SO cool. It was intriguing, shocking, and grabbed everyones attentions. I loved how you broke up your presentation into different questions. It was a very visually pleasing presentation and organized. By the way, your shout out to Ally and I was hilarious and so cute! The American flags under the chairs were another unexpected and original additive to the room. I loved how the boxes at the top were not something we all noticed at first, but were really uniquely designed. The whole section on technology with changing cell phones was awesome! Both your personals were PHENOMENAL. Chelsea, your emotional yet uplifting personal was so adorable and made everyone in the room understand your relationship with your babysitter. I loved how you tied her to your topic of origins. It was very brave of you to speak about such a personal subject! Daniela, your personal was a great connection to origins. Since I also have family that lives far away, I knew exactly what you were talking about when you questioned what family meant and how they compared to our close friends. I LOVED how you recreated the definition of family. Overall, AMAZING JOB! You guys should be so proud!

Sam Golden
5/30/2011 11:55:54 am

Daniela and Chelsea-
Congratulations!! As high as my expectations were for your experimental, they definately were not high enough because you surpassed them within the first couple minutes! Origins really was a great topic; I actually had my eye on it when we were trying to choose. I thought it was a great idea for both of you to stand in the middle like you did. It was very different and a nice change! For those of us sitting on the floor, it was nice because we could actually see both you and not just the one on the side closest to us.

To start, your room decorations were incredible and so creative. My favorite part was the map where everybody could put a pin on the country they were from. It really got the audience involved and interested in your presentation before it even started.Antoher really creative addition to the room was the board with all of the 10p students pictures on it. I thought that was very funny! Looking at the old Willets pictures was definitely fun and a great example of our own origins as a class. The cultural food was also delicious!

I was so impressed with both of your speaking abilites. As soon as you started, it was clear that you girls really knew your material. Both of you were able to speak calmly and clearly, something that I had trouble doing. There was not one second where I couldn't understand what you were saying.

Like Ahmad mentioned, your statements of intentions were very clear and this definitely added to your overall presentation. I think it was brilliant how you did one question of inquiry at a time and then concluded each one before starting another. It made the whole presentation more structured and organized, something I am sure most of us struggled with!

As for your personals, both of them were very touching. Daniela, yours tied in perfectly with all information you told us about immigration and cultural origins. I loved how you said at the end that even though your family is thousands of miles away from you, they are still family. Chelsea, while Daniela talked about origins from a cultural point of view you talked about it from a "this is why I am who I am" point of view. The whole audience could see and feel how close a connection you had with Gwenda. It was obvious how your relationship with her has shaped you as a person and how speical and strong your bond is.

I also want to say that your presentation was very pleasing to watch overall. Your verbal transitions were excellent as well as your interviews, slies and use of technology. All the hours that you girls put into this was evident.Your experimental really was incredible and you should be so proud!!

Chloe T.
5/30/2011 02:05:36 pm

Hey Daniela and Chelsea, I am one of the people who saw your experimental, and I thought it was amazing. I think the topic you picked and the questions you asked were very interesting, and it has been asked since the beginning of time. The way you presented your ideas, like the board with the map and the boxes hanging were very cool. Your favorites were also very related, connecting it to your own life and people who have affected you. Your interaction with the audience and speaking was great, keeping me and possibly others interested. I believe overall, your experimental was one of the best I have seen, and it couldn't have been any better! Congratulations on all your hard work!

Bobby Halpern
6/1/2011 06:18:21 am

Chelsea and Daniela,
Both of you did an amazing job on your presentation. i liked how in the beginning of the presentation you had the map and the various places on which you could place a pin representing your origin. I thought that that was a great begging to what continued to be an excellent experimental. I liked how you explained how everything can relate back to one single origin. You were both calm and confident while presenting which added a nice touch to the presentation.
Daniela, I liked your personal because I too have family that I rarely ever get to see and I can relate to that feeling. It was interesting to see a different take on this aspect besides my own. Aside from that, you did an excellent job about how saying your family is your true origin. Your family is what made you who you are and brought you into the world.
Chelsea, your personal was very touching. I have never had a babysitter, but I realize the strong bond you have with your babysitter. It was interesting and unique ti see somebody do a personal on something less mainstream, making your personal very good. I liked how you explained how your babysitter helped define you who you are.

Ian Lerman
6/2/2011 05:30:05 am

Congratulations! You must be so relieved that you are finally done. First of all, it was a great idea to have the map of origins when we were walking in. It was a great way to have the audience participate in an organized way. It helped to prove your point about the unique nature of the United States, which is that if we look back far enough, very few of us can trace our origins back to the U.S. Your interview with Mr. Clarke further helped to illustrate this point. Daniella - explaining your own origins and your relationship with your cousins despite the physical distance between you was touching. Chelsea - likewise, the unique relationship that you had and in fact continue to have with your housekeeper is very special. Your presentation was very informative and kept everyone attentive. Great job!

Jessica D'Angelo
6/2/2011 12:15:37 pm

WOW! You two must have had one of the best experimentals this year. From the moment I saw you guys third period setting up, I could tell your experimental was going to be a success. Walking in to the room, smelling of fresh food, I knew your experimental would not only be intelligent, but delicious! I loved that you added the map in which we tacked up where we were from. It was interactive and really displayed your idea that all of us have an origin different from America. We all have a past and somewhere we came from. I think that it was cool how you asked the survey question regarding how many people want to know their past a little bit better. I have always been interested in my family history and the historical background of my ancestors.
One of my favorite parts about your experimental that really stood out more than others was the fact that you specifically answered all of your inquiries. It was amazing that you could stay so on task, while at the same time, expanding your research and covering all grounds and topics.
Chelsea, your personal moved me to tears. Through the years I have gotten to know Gwenda a little and have realized how much you care about her and what a truly remarkable person she is. She really defines you and your beginnings and has made you the person you are today. It was cool how you talked about how who would've thought you guys would ever meet let alone be so close. I am sure Gwenda is so proud of you that you got up there and talked about someone who means so much to you and brings you so much emotion.
Daniela, it was so interesting to hear about your family in Argentina. It really touched my heart when you talked about the special bond you have with them even though you don't always see them. I feel that way with my cousin who lives in Maryland. No matter how much time passes we still have things to talk about for hours and she loves coming back to her personal origins in New York. The bond you spoke of usually is only with family probably because you come from the same roots, background, and values.
The content in your presentation was short and to the point, yet so informative and fact packed. It was everything an experimental should be and more!!!

Celeste Roldan
6/2/2011 02:25:04 pm

Chelsea & Daniela-
AMAZING JOB GUYS!! I really loved your experimental! From when I walked in, I knew it would be great. The map in the front to put a pin on your place of origin was so cute! I noticed there was only one or two pins on North America, showing that our school, and country, is very diverse. The American flags under the chairs with random country facts were a great touch! Chelsea, your personal was SO heartwarming! I know how much you love Gwenda, and it was so sweet to dedicate your whole personal to her. Although she originated from a totally different place than you, she played a big role in raising you and you two seem so close! She would definitely be in tears if she was there watching!! It was amazing! And Daniela, your personal was also amazing! I like how you incorporated your Argentinian roots into the project; your place of origin really effects who you are. I thought it was so cool how you two traveled to Argentina together and interviewed a performer about a type of music. It was cool and very authentic. Last but not least, I would like to tell you how much I LOVED the organization of your presentation. Answering three questions was such a creative and efficient way to explore the word. Overall you guys did an amazing job presenting and had a wonderful outcome!!!

Chelsea Wolgel
6/4/2011 08:55:24 am

I would like to congratulate you both on making a great presentation. When the time comes for me to do my own experimental yours will definitely be a vision in my head. Your presentation looked amazing with keynote, and the actual speaking part flowed very well from one topic to another. The room was decorated so nicely and had surprises within it the whole time. The map I thought was a great idea. It was very interesting to see where people’s origins were. In the map and in the survey I found it interesting how some people thought their origins were where their family came from and/or where they came from (for example there were push pins in New York). I thought the interview of the guitar player from Argentina was especially interesting and I thought it was incredible to have an interview like that in your experimental. A big concept in biology is that every organism came from one common ancestor and your experimental also proved that. I also thought how you used the concept of “Nature vs. Nurture” from an origin standpoint was very thought provoking. Both of your personals were very touching and nicely connected to your real lives. It showed how much passion you both really had for your topic. Looking at your website I am amazed at how much information you were able to uncover that connected to your topic. When Ms. Bartcherer said before you started that the presentation is just the tip of the iceberg, she wasn’t kidding! I especially found the interview with Ms. Ho very intriguing and the whole music section for your website was well organized. Another really cool part of your website is the section about Wheatley’s origins. My mother went to Wheatley so it was very fascinating for me. You both should be very proud of your topic and know that you did a wonderful job.

Daniel J.
6/5/2011 09:54:57 am

YOU GUYS WERE SO AMAZING!!! I LOVED your presentation! From the moment I walked into the room (and actually even before), I KNEW that it would be a great experimental. The map on the giant board was a great addition to your room. I showed how ethnically diverse people in our school are. I had the only pins on Cuba and the Dominican Republic… But seriously, the way you two spoke just made it even better! I could really see that you were both very comfortable with standing in front of such a large audience (even if you didn’t actually feel that way inside). The cubes hanging from the ceiling were brilliant! Chelsea, your personal was SO PERSONAL. I was on the verge of tears. But we’ll keep that a secret. I didn’t even know who you were talking about, but the way you spoke about her and because YOU were almost crying made me want to, as well. Daniela, your personal was great, too! It was fascinating learning about your Argentinean roots and the relationships you still have with your family in Argentina. Fantastic job, guys!

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